Introducing ENIndexer Beta!

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ENIndexer is the flagship product of ENI Software Inc. and we're very excited to have the application in full Beta testing after many months of working through design, coding, establishing our new business, picking out tee-shirts, planning our first annual corporate celebration...  Ok, well some of that stuff didn't really happen, but I can say it's been a long road that started with an idea for a product, a crowd sourcing campaign to get some seed money to start coding and some key professionals who helped with the original design.
Here are some REALLY high level highlights of the product:

This is a simple data entry program that builds professional looking indexes based on your preferences. You type in the names and page numbers as you see them in the book. Then you can edit the data as necessary one entered. Finally, you can generate a formatted index ready for inclusion in a book or if you want to do more editing after generating the index, you are still able to do so in your favorite text editor.

Book indexing software can be quite expensive and often are capable of so much more than a transcription or family history book is in need of.  ENIndexer was designed and developed for that niche market of books that really wants to focus their indexing on the names of the people mentioned in the text.  Because it has a very specialized focus, it's not for everyone, but it also means we can keep the cost of the software down to a more reasonable level for individual authors and small societies who may want to take on an indexing project as a way to attract focus on their group, or make some extra money by supplying an every name index for an older history that perhaps didn't already have one.

Because it has a single minded focus, ENIndexer is easy enough for anyone to use. With little to no training you can get started on your own indexing project. Who knows? You could become the go-to indexer for your local historical or genealogical society.  But you don't have to do it alone. Even though the application is a simple form based data entry system, it has some more advanced capabilities, like the option to have multiple people working on different parts of the same index and merging them together to create one final product.

We've started Beta testing with a professional indexer who has indexed many, many transcription projects in the past.  Their knowledge and dedication to every name indexes will help drive the initial success of this product. Though we are still in BETA testing mode, the pre-release version of the product is being tested with an indexing project of an actual book, so we'll be able to go through all the steps with hundreds of pages of data before releasing the first version to the general public.

Though we're only testing on Windows machines now, another key point of our development of this product is that it should also work on Mac and Linux machines.  We know it's not just Windows users who are creating these kinds of texts, and we want to make the product available to everyone, so we've purposefully designed the software to be a cross platform solution.  It may take us a little while to get all the Mac and Linux specific idiosyncrasies worked out, but by and large the code should run without modifications on all 3 major operating systems.

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