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Welcome to the ENI Software Inc., blog.  ENI Software was formed in 2014 when our president was volunteering for a genealogical society discussing the future of its publication program.  The group was changing publishers and trying to find ways to make future publications more affordable and accessible to their members.  While examining the options of self publishing, the topic of every name indexes came up as a significant expense.  If the group were to self publish, they would either need to invest in some indexing software, or pay someone else to do indexing, which could be a very time consuming (and expensive) proposition.

Having an IT background, we knew it wouldn't be too difficult to build a simple program for the sole purpose of developing every name indexes for books.  Within a few weeks two friends in the IT industry had gotten together, mocked up some screens based on what they thought was needed and presented it the concept to folks who had worked in the publishing industry and done indexing for genealogy books in the past.

With some basic tweaks to the design and a license to code, we were on our way to creating our first product, ENIndexer - and starting a new company focused on building affordable software solutions for genealogists and historians.  We recognize there are unique needs of individual researchers and small organizations that either cannot be addressed by more pricey solutions, or the solutions out there are too costly for small, all volunteer organizations to pay for.

Our goal is to build software that fills the needs of this space at a price even the smallest of organizations can afford.  We intend to build cross platform solutions that will run on Windows, Mac and Linux platforms, so no one is left out in the cold when it comes to finding an affordable solution that meets their needs.

Our first product, ENIndexer, is still in Beta testing, but the testing is going well on Windows and will be starting on Linux and Mac soon.  One of our testers is indexing a transcription book of more than 600 pages and really putting the application through its paces.  We're excited to be able to start introducing the world to ENIndexer and hope it will be useful to anyone writing a historical or family history text.

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