Help Kentucky Families Find Their Past

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While not directly related to ENI Software, I recently came across a GoFundMe campaign that seems right in line with the goals of our upcoming ENIndexer product that I thought I would share.  For those who don't know. GoFundMe is a crowd sourcing site where many people get together and donate a small amount of money to help achieve a larger goal.  ENI SOftware actually used GoFundMe to help support the startup of our company when we initially thought about building what would become ENIndexer about a year ago.

This particular GoFundMe campaign I came across last week is for the The Lawrence County, Kentucky Genealogical and Historical Society to reprint  a 1970's family history entitledAppalachian Crossroadsby Clayton Cox.  This society is looking for help to raise $6,000 to pay for the initial costs of reprinting this classic history.  If you have Kentucky roots, or just understand the importance of keeping these family histories alive for future generations, please consider donating to this effort.

If you can't donate (or even if you can) help spread the word through your local genealogical and historical societies, blogs, facebook groups and friends, tweets, grams, etc...  If just 600 genealogists or Kentucky historians donated $10 each, the project would be paid for in full!  That's the power of crowd sourcing.  SO help spread the word and donate if you can and we'll keep an eye on the progress of this project going forward.

The project can be found here:

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