ENIndexer Release Date Announced!!!

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ENI Software Inc. Announces the Release of ENIndexer 1.0


Brunswick, Maine, March 3, 2015 – ENI Software Inc. is pleased to announce the release of our flagship product, ENIndexer (pronounced as “Any Indexer”) for the use of genealogists and historians to create Every Name Indexes for local history and genealogy related books.  The software will be available for download from our web site, www.enisoftware.com, on April 1, 2015.

Using ENIndexer, authors of history texts can easily create professional looking Every Name Indexes for their works at a fraction of the cost of current professional indexing software or hiring a professional indexer to do the work for them. It is an affordable option for individuals and small societies looking to bolster sales of their next publication by including an Every Name Index in their publications. ENIndexer runs on Windows, Linux and Mac platforms.

A well crafted index can be an effective marketing and sales tool for any nonfiction work.  For local or family history books, as well as transcription projects, an Every Name Index can list the names of all people mentioned in the text and give potential customers a better understanding of the value of their purchase in addition to giving them a way to locate the people they are most interested in. Amateur authors and professional indexers alike will enjoy the simplicity and flexibility of ENIndexer data entry interface, while enjoying some advanced features specifically tailored to Every Name index creation.  Advanced search and replace functionality makes further editing of the data quick and easy, while a highly customizable set of preferences allow users to produce high quality indexes unique to their book, improving sales and reducing inventory.

ENI Software Inc. is a Maine based company dedicated to providing high quality, cross platform software solutions to genealogists and historians. For inquiries about ENI Software Inc. or our offerings, please email info@enisoftware.com or visit us online at http://www.enisoftware.com


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