Great Feedback!

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Last week we received an email from someone who had downloaded the trial and wanted to take some time to provide feedback.  The note started like this:
I am an experienced indexer, currently using ____.  I have created dozens of indexes, all for genealogical publications. I hope that you will find my comments useful. There is a definite need for a simple program such as yours, I only rarely use some of the bells and whistles in the ____ program.
This user went on to make nearly a dozen suggestions for improvements to the software, all of which are being considered by our development team.

While we would like to think our software is perfect for everyone and needs no tweaks, we are thrilled when people contact us with suggestions on what they would like to see changed.  We will continue to compile feedback like this and use it for driving future changes/additions into the product.

If you have suggestions for additions, changes or additional uses for ENIndexer, let us know by posting your idea to the Feature Request discussion forum:

Or send us an email at and let us know how we can improve.

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