What Is ENIndexer?

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In a 2013 informal poll of various genealogy groups on Facebook, 90% of respondents indicated an Every Name Index could make or break their decision to buy a new book for their research library.  In 2014, when a genealogical society I volunteer for decided to start self publishing their books we looked into the costs of funding a professional indexer to help us create the Every Name Indexes that help make our books such a useful research item for people. The costs were staggering.  After initial costs to the organization in the hundreds, if not a thousand or more dollars, and then ongoing costs for each book indexed thereafter, I thought, "There has to be a better, cheaper option"  After searching for an existing option that would meet the needs of our society, I finally decided nothing that met our needs existed in an affordable package, so a friend and I set out to build a utility that could help create Every Name Indexes for the back of our books quickly, with all the features that would make such a tool easy enough for any volunteer to use, but powerful enough for any professional indexer that may be hired to help index larger texts. 

Coincidentally, as my friend and I started working on the project, I was approached by members of 2 other genealogical societies asking how my group created their indexes. I explained the issues we were running into as we moved into self publishing and explained the solution I was putting together. Both groups were interested in hearing more.  At this point, my friend and I decided we may have a product that folks would be interested in. We started working with genealologists who had no background in indexing but understood the importance of Every Name Indexes to researchers, and we also began working with an indexer in the area who had built these these kinds of indexes in the past. We incorporated all of their feedback into various versions of the tool until we came up with ENIndexer.

So, ENIndexer was born. An alternative to the pricey professional indexing packages that intended for more general book indexing, our product is specifically designed for one specific purpose only... to create professional looking Every Name Indexes for genealogical and local history related books, including transcription projects for things like town vital records, church records, etc.  And because we understand the financial limitations of authors and small societies, we decided we would offer our solution at a small fraction of the cost of full featured indexing programs or hiring a professional indexer. We made the software easy enough to learn that a first time author could be up and running in minutes, making ENIndexer a tool that will should pay for itself even for the one-time user.

We invite you to download the app from our main web site and take it for a spin. The trial version is fully functional, although limited to 100 entered names per index. We're happy to answer any questions you may have. You can email support@enisoftware.com with any questions and we'll do our best to answer them quickly.

- Brian

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